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Jeanne and
the top in
the frame

6 hours later... 

15 minutes
after that...


Paper Panache Friendship Quilt_____
Now, I mean... Was on the frame!

I've built a memento quilt with the help
of lots of visiting friends.

Started 02/06/03, I sent free ring-a-ding patterns
and foundations to volunteers willing to make
me a 9x9 block like the one at left.
They were collected and the top put together.

Participants List

2014 Update: Ah, the poor neglected friendship quilt. The quilt was in the frame for probably a year, and my good quilt buddy Jeanne had undertaken to quilt it for me. Unfortunately, life intervened and she needed to take a full time job, and eventually, she regretfully gave it back. Then, just a month or two ago she told me about a very reasonable machine quilter she had employed, and that got me thinking about this top. To get it done once and for all. Except, I'd have to remove some hand quilting. (Arrrgh!)

Maybe it will just have to be something I get done in my retirement. STILL LOVE IT!


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