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Why is My Scan So Huge?

     Note, if you have not already: Scanners allow you to choose the dpi (dots per inch).
     My chart is out of date, but the message still holds true:  The higher the resolution, the bigger the picture is when viewed on a monitor.
    If you are printing your scan, the large size you see on the screen does not affect the print size. However, if you want your scan to fit on the monitor for viewing, the first thing to consider is resolution.

Resolution/72 dpi Resolution/150 dpi Resolution/300 dpi Resolution/600 dpi


Higher dpi = higher resolution = a bigger block on screen
= a bigger file = longer upload and download.
USE 96 DPI when your scan is meant to be viewed on a monitor.
USE 200-300 DPI when your scan is meant to be printed.

If this helped you, feel free to print this out for your paper-piecing friends.
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