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Questions Answered Edited from email

     Will you be at Paducah? What is your booth number? Will any vendors stock your patterns? Thank you!--Kathy D.

Hi, Kathy
    Thank you for asking. I'm sorry--I won't be at the show. I am a real hermit, and I stopped doing shows in about... 1998 [!]
, I think. In addition, I am the only one who stocks my patterns because [after waffling for many years over the possibility] I finally admitted to myself that I did not want to spend tons of time producing enough printed patterns to support wholesale.
    Fortunately, the website is just my size, and it is open 24 hours a day! :)



    I was wondering what your opinion is regarding prewashing fabrics for paper piecing projects? Thank you,-- Judy Dixon Dae

Hi, Judy
    Well, you've caught me, because I have not prewashed fabrics for a few years. This is because I only make samples these days, and I am cavalier about what happens with the samples.
    HOWEVER, if I am making a real quilt for myself or others, I WOULD prewash all my fabrics. In my world, I definitely want every quilt to be machine washable. The other two reasons:
    1. Get rid of excess dye. Perhaps I am out of date, but when I was washing fabrics, there was often a lot of excess dye in the darker fabrics, and I didn't want to take a chance that some fabric would dye all the others.
    2. Shrinkage. I imagine this still happens with cottons. Some people like the extra shrinkage around their quilt stitches after a first wash, but for me that would mean I would have to trust every fabric to shrink the same.
    (Obviously I don't trust nuthin'!)
    If whatever you're making will never be washed, then I'd say "don't bother!"
    Hope that answers your question :)








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