Hi Linda,
I'd like to know if there are any tips of how to press paper piecing blocks. Some people say press all seams open - I'm having a devil of a time trying to sew the sections together and keep things relatively flat. Can you offer any suggestions on the pressing of the blocks. It would be much appreciated.
Cheers, Maureen from Ottawa, Canada

Hi, Maureen

Always use a dry iron. My pressing suggestions:

Immediately after sewing a seam on the paper, and BEFORE you flip
the fabric open, PRESS the line of stitching that you just made. I find this really helps to avoid stitches showing on the right side when you do flip it open. NOW, flip the fabric open and press the seam flat GENTLY from the right side. Do not pull the fabric or stretch the seam while pressing.

Most of the time, you should NOT press seams open. Press them in the direction that they naturally want to fall. I press seams open when the directions tell me to, usually to distribute seam allowances to keep things flatter. I also press seams open when there seems to be a problem pressing the seam to one side. Sometimes there are so many seam allowances it won't stay pressed to one side; then I open it.

Re: Keeping blocks flat: You will have more problems keeping things flat if: (1) you sew too fast --You need to keep your stitching as near to the intended stitch lines as possible. (2) If you don't pin the sections together carefully so that the seam allowances are distributed where they should be.

Flatness is always a function of how carefully one works. I know this is not always a natural thing for all sewers, but if you start to adapt some suggestions here and there, you will find that your work will improve.

Hope these help!--Linda

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