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   Readers' Tips (Send in your tips!)
    Paper Piecing Method Alternative by Mary C
    Another Seam Ripping Method by Dorothy G

    Questions Answered
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    Re: Will you be at Paducah?
    Re: Skill Level Needed for Nativity?
         Re: Tips on Nativity from Robin T
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    Re: How Difficult for a Beginner? / Master & Copy?
    Re: How to Finish Projects?

FYI: Some of the following may be elderly and need re-revising. :o)

    Revised :
    Re: Broken Heavy Lines on Pattern?
    Re: Arrows on Pattern?
    Re: Removing Paper?
    Re: Dealing with Bulk in Seams?
    Re: Photocopy Transfer of Ink?

    Computer Help
    Scanning: Why is my scan so huge?
    Scanning: Tips for sending pictures
    PDF Printing Tips



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